Selling off my gaming collection for charity.

Hey gang,
I am clearing out my closet and selling off a lot of my gaming and book collection with the majority of the money going to charity.  The charities I am supporting are the American Cancer Society, Canine Assistance (a group that trains dogs for disabled people) and a local animal shelter which rescues animals from other shelters before they are put down.

Please check out my auctions and bid if you see something you like.  They are all starting at a penny and I have some rare out of print items up for auction. Tell a friend

Need Help Playtesting New Steampunk RPG

 Me and a few friends have been working on a steampunk RPG to be distributed free on the internet (it's going to be a fully hyperlinked web page with ad support).  We've got it to a reasonably playable state, and are looking for some feedback on it.  The website is  The game is and will remain free, but if you like what you see, visiting one of our sponsors is never a bad idea ;).  Any feedback that can be provided about setting, game mechanics, organization, etc. will be truly and sincerely appreciated, and will be rewarded with in-game credit and tributes!  Thanks a million for any help you can provide.
Leap into Action!

Index Creation

I have just about finished my role-playing system, only one major obstical remains... the Index.

I am finding it a bit of a daunting challenge, trying to come up with every single important term/word in the book and all the pages that it can be found on. It's been slow going to say the least, and I was wondering if anyone on here knew any tricks, tips, or programs that can index a book much more easily and quickly?"
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Witch Girls a Go-Go

Witch Girls Adventures needs your help.

We're taking Pre-orders for the Witch Girls Comic and RPG.
you can check them out here

Beat up your local game/comic store about not carrying Wirch Girls
Adventures. Have them contact Alliances and Diamond about carrying it.

Thank you all for sticking with us!

We have more cool things coming.
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Witch Girls Update

The Witch Girls Adventures books are off to the printers

Standard Edition:
Wicked Edition:

(For those of you wondering the difference is cover, 10 page comic story and some inside pages)But the Wicked Edition is only available online and at cons.

and next week the first issue of the comic will join them.
The comic:

Thinking back on everything I've learned since Nemesis I have to say I feel good about this but printing is the part that makes me nervous. It's like sending your kids off to summer camp; you don't know how they'll return.

Good news thanks to the economy I was able to keep the core rule book with a cover price under 20 dollars (19.99) the comic first issue is 4.99 on the cover but your getting 48 full cover pages. I hate the 22 page limit most comics have (and your still paying over 3 bucks.)

Promoting Witch Girls started two years ago and I'll be pushing it more now. I'm sending the first module and supplement off to the proof reader by the end of the month. And I'm working on the next comic issues and the Princess Lucinda limited series....speaking of...Want to see some art?
Sure you do.

Pencils from the comic (It'll be in color so excuse the roughness)

This will be a 6 issue limited series 44 pages a book (Again my protest against 22 page comics)

The supplements should be out before August (October latest)
Module 1: The Pirates of Buccaneer Hill: Witches vs. Ghost and Zombie Pirates.
Supplement 1: Moon Shadow Circle: The guide to a magical Town. This one is going to kick butt I get to expand the WGA universe It comes with the Directors screen, Character creation software and a free copy the witch girls song (If you can’t wait you can here it and download it here.

Well that's it.
Oh wait......

Nemesis Remix... is coming up for a second play testing in a few months.
"It's time to be relentless...again"

Till next time…


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I am currently writing the descriptions for the Items and Equipment section of the role-playing system I am designing and I am kind of torn on which way to go with the entries.

1: Do I go "matter of fact" and describe the item as clearly, simply, and consisely as possible?

2: Or shall I go for the cheese and write humorous, but informative entries for the items in my book.

3: Or a little combination of both? Some entries kind of dry and matter of fact, others humorous and fun?

What are some of your thoughts and preferences regarding item descriptions in rulebooks?
Voodoo Dolly
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Grimoire #7

Grimoire #7 is getting started, and we're looking for articles to go into it. If you're interested in writing, please contact We're looking for RPG reviews, alternative settings or rules, editorials, and other articles about the state of the game. We're hoping to have a number of articles together within the next two weeks, and writers who have their articles accepted will be paid for their work.

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While working on a game, I'm pondering how effective illusions are, and what they are capable of. I gave a list of questions to some players, and I'm opening it up for discussion, so I thought I'd posts here and see what there is to say here about it.

1) Does an illusionary light produce actual radiance, allowing one to see inside a darkened room? Or, is the radiance illusionary, and the things seen within the light radius an illusion too?

2) Can a person use illusion to turn themselves invisible? What happens, then, if you turn a door or wall invisible to look through and see what is on the other side? Is what you see real, or just an illusion?

3) If you create a telescope or periscope with illusion, can you see distant things as if they were closer? Can you look over a wall with the periscope to see what is on the other side?
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Scott Pilgrim, Flying

Summer 2008 Game Challenge: Participate! Volunteer to Judge!

Visit us at

So, influenced by the "start at any time" spirit of 24 Hour RPG, I convinced a few friends to all make their own RPGs in a format similar to Game Chef. Somehow, I got motivated enough to make a dedicated site for it. Its URL appears above.

This is a pretty local thing, so far. Most of our participants live in Virgina, one lives in Maryland, and another in Pennsylvania. We only have 6 confirmed game-making participants, and only three have make accounts on

The "Secret Ingredient" will be revealed at noon on Tuesday, July 23rd, and submissions are due by 11:59PM on Saturday, August 2nd. Currently, there are no prizes or even judges, but this is the Internet, baby! We can have those if we get together and make it happen!

Take care everyone!
-George Austin